Classy, Artsy, Quirky, Earthy - whatever your style, S. Carmody captures the unique qualities of your wedding with impeccable artisitry and professionalism.

S. Carmody applies over 20 years of expertise photographing everything from food to art to fashion to extract and distill the essence of the wedding.

S. Carmody believes in a well-balanced apporach to wedding photography in several respects. Insofar as the photo collection, we capture not only the "knock your socks off" fashion magazine worthy shots, but also shots of key moments, details, and important friends and loved ones. The balance is also present in attitude and approach - we present a relaxed and casual attitude, capturing spontaneous moments as they occur, but will also orchestrate to the extent that is necessary to create a stunning image. We consider it a great honor when chosen to represent such an important moment in your life, and make it our mission to provide you with images that exceed your highest expectations.